Vestmark Celebrates

20 Years of Innovation

Since 2001, Vestmark has been committed to helping wealth management firms and their advisors deliver better investment outcomes for clients.

20th Anniversary 2046x2046

Looking back on 20 years of growth and milestones, we reflect on our teammates’ hard work and appreciate the clients whose shared successes have propelled us here. There have been plenty of challenges along the way, and though we have been extraordinarily lucky at times, one of the keys to our success has been the ability of our team to turn that luck into opportunity.

In the beginning, we were quite literally “sailing the ship as we were building it.” While we learned and made lots of adjustments along the way, we began with a guiding principle to build and enable the platform of the future. This vision was to help our clients to bring sophisticated advice to many millions more households and investors, and by doing so…..improve outcomes for so many families. This vision and the fact that we have always kept our clients in the center of all of our strategic decisions have been the other keys to our success.

We look forward to many more years enabling our clients’ evolution, growth and continued success. To all current and future clients, we commit to continued innovation and partnership to keep up with and navigate the unpredictable world and weather the unexpected.

– John Lunny, Vestmark Vice-chairman

Vestmark 20th Anniversary Timeline Graphic