Reinvent your investor experience with a unified approach to investment management


Grow your value proposition and your profitability with a comprehensive, cloud-based wealth management solution. VestmarkONE empowers broker dealers, asset managers, bank-trusts, and advisors to simplify the investment management process and efficiently scale the delivery of advice across accounts and channels. In a single solution, you can propose and enroll accounts, construct and manage portfolios, and monitor all of your clients’ investable assets. Spend more time growing your wealth management practice and less time managing operational and compliance risk.

Key Benefits:

  • Model client-centric portfolios using simple and advanced modeling tools
  • Monitor accounts and households using dynamic heat-maps to quickly identify portfolio needing attention
  • Trade efficiently across portfolios incorporating compliance rules, tax minimization, and trade minimization
  • Report performance at the household, account, and sleeve levels, leveraging automated composite management capabilities
  • Construct client-centric portfolio-based modeling tools
  • Achieve an Intraday Book of Records (IBOR) at a sleeve level with automated custodial reconciliation
  • Reduce your infrastructure, maintenance, error, and rework costs
  • Improve your time to market

Vestmark’s Advanced Technology Infrastructure:

Our SaaS based technology model enables investment firms to excel in today’s fast-paced markets. The VestmarkONE platform is rooted in modern development approaches and best practices which enable it to scale across large volumes of accounts. We have invested heavily in our platform so that you can reduce your overhead, IT footprint, and manual processes.

Key Benefits:

  • Enhance your user experience with our customizable web-based user interfaces
  • Gain peace of mind with our standards-based development platform which provides superior scalability, security, and stability
  • Integrate seamlessly with your own systems using single sign-on (SSO), web services, and a variety of supported protocols