Access our growing universe of partners

Vestmark maintains a vast network of partners to complement our product offerings and improve technology standards. Our collaborative relationships enable you to further streamline your operations and extend our platform capabilities.

Alliance Partners:

Vestmarks's alliance partners expand our product offerings with data, software, and services. We work hand in hand with our partners to ensure that we meet your needs. The list below provides you with a high level overview of the partners we work with every day.

Custodial and Broker Partners:

We have secured connectivity with 80+ custodians and brokerage platforms to enable seamless account opening/administration, trade routing and execution, allocation processing, and reconciliation. We support a variety of data and communications standards such as FIX Protocol Limited (FPL), the Money Management Institute, and the Depository Clearing Corporation (DTCC) to provide you with the connectivity you require.

Market Data:

Vestmark has established the two-way connectivity you require to receive and distribute all asset and portfolio level data. Our market data partnerships enable you to keep pace with the increasingly complex data requirements of today’s financial services industry without the administrative overhead.