MMI Annual


Atlanta, Georgia

Reinventing Relevance: A Client-Focused Approach
Like other industries, the investment advisory business is experiencing a rate of accelerated change. To remain relevant, firms must continuously adapt the products, services, and experiences they deliver to clients’ changing needs and expectations. Resiliency and imagination will separate those firms that continue to grow and thrive from those that stagnate. And clients will judge success not just over the long run, but increasingly in the moment of each interaction with your firm.

The 2019 MMI Annual Conference will bring together a who’s-who of thought leaders and decision-makers from across the investment advisory industry to examine and debate the critical factors and strategies that will drive success and separate winners and losers over the next decade.

Bring your knowledge and insights – and your curiosity – and be part of this must-attend gathering of senior executives from across the investment advisory community. You’ll learn from the smartest minds in the business what it takes to define and execute a client-focused approach to maintain your firm’s relevancy in an era of disruption and rapid change.

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