What is the DOL Fiduciary Rule?

Compliance with Shifting Regulation Requires Flexible Technology 

The U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) introduced the fiduciary rule in 2010 in effort to limit conflicts of interest on retirement accounts. The ruling requires retirement-account advisors to act in the best interest of their clients by not charging more than reasonable compensation and by not offering conflicted advice on retirement products. 

DOL Fiduciary Rule update

The controversial ruling has faced a series of roadblocks from inception until present day, causing many firms to put compliance efforts on the back burner. However, on May 22, 2017, the Department of Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta gave the industry clarity in an op-ed confirming that the DOL Fiduciary Rule implementation would continue as scheduled on June 9. What once was a distant threat is now an inevitable reality. 

The DOL further clarified two provisions — one expanding the definition of who is a fiduciary and another establishing an impartial conduct standard — would apply when the delay ended on June 9, 2017. However, the enforcement of the best-interest contract exemption (BICE) remains on hold, for now, until 2019.

This means that although the DOL will not penalize firms prior to the final implementation deadline, firms that provide advice to retirement accounts must take necessary precautions — like documenting changes and alerting clients of changes in fees and retirement products. 

DOL Fiduciary Rule Resources 

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