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Robo Advisors will Continue to Experience Strong Growth 

Are you Prepared to Capture the Opportunity?

The concept of "robo-advice" has gained significant attention in the wealth management industry. Previously considered a fad or a plaything for Millennials, robo advisors have proven their staying power and will continue a trajectory of rapid and accelerating growth. In fact, Cerulli Associates estimates that by the end of 2016, the digital advice market is expected to exceed $83 billion.

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Broker dealers, asset managers, and advisors are looking at robo advisory solutions to push digital advice delivery, serve smaller accounts, attract new assets, and improve advisor productivity. In the age of automated financial solutions, traditional firms must embrace digital advice technology and also develop a plan for marrying human advisors with automated advisory tools. The challenge that many will face is how to effectively integrate a robo solution into their current offering that preserves consistency across capital market assumptions, account opening and enrollment, and evolve with the changing needs of the investor.

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