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Adhesion Wealth™ enables advisors to easily provide separately managed account (SMA) and unified managed account (UMA) portfolios to investors. The Adhesion Wealth™ UMA/SMA chassis empowers advisors to bring highly-scalable, flexible, and customized wealth management solutions designed to enable them to deliver better investor outcomes.

Adhesion Wealth™ is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Vestmark, Inc.

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Why Advisors are Considering Outsourcing Investment Management Activities

Recently, TD Ameritrade and FA Insight conducted a survey revealing the appetite for investment outsourcing services across both advisory and investor communities. As the study illustrates, the expectation gap between what advisors think they should be doing vs what clients expect them to be doing is tremendous.

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Building Trust While Delivering Value

Trust is a revered and delicate thing. It takes a lot to build, but a small misstep to lose. The 2019 EY Global Wealth Management Research Report “How do you build value when clients want more than wealth?” reinforces that sentiment, warning advisors that distrust is starting to creep back into the minds of the wealth management client. The platform business is not immune to these ‘Value Traps’.

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The Next Generation of Unified Managed Accounts

A single-solution UMA platform gives advisors easy access to robust portfolio management and trading capabilities, with more flexibility in overlay programs. The user experience and more efficient workflow can result in enhanced services.

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