Reduce trade loss errors, action exceptions, and improve your efficiency

Accelerate your reconciliation processes with greater speed and accuracy. Eliminate the time and effort required to reconcile positions and transactions and manage exceptions from your custodians. Vestmark’s service will manage your reconciliation process at a position, transaction, and tax lot level. Our service systematically validates third party data from over 100 institutions and programs, identifies all gaps in transactions, researches the root cause of position and transaction breaks, and provides  the resolutions.

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Key Benefits:

  • Provide traders with up-to-date start of day positions
  • Scale for volumes of transactions, holdings, and positions using automation 
  • Systematically protect against operational and compliance risk
  • Reduce manual errors and re-allocate staff to value-added activities 
  • Monitor for missing accounts and account profile changes
  • Efficiently reconcile custodial data to the tax lot level