Brinker Capital Partners with Vestmark to Improve the Advisor Experience

By Rob Klapprodt, Corporate Strategy Officer


For almost 30 years, Brinker Capital has delivered investment products that enable advisors to fulfill their investor objectives. Now, with the VestmarkONE platform, they can do so more efficiently while improving the overall advisor experience.

I’m pleased to report that Brinker Capital is currently servicing $16.4 billion accounts and 3,800 advisors with VestmarkONE. This solution enables Brinker Capital to accelerate the company’s business growth by lowering costs and improving overall efficiency, benefits that cannot be overstated when distributing complex investment vehicles such as UMA, SMA, ETF/Mutual Fund Wrap to a network of advisors. They selected Vestmark not only for our proven support for UMA, but also, our commitment to continuous innovation.

Brendan McConnell, COO of the firm, stated in a recent press release, “Brinker Capital selected Vestmark not only because of the industry leading UMA functionality the platform supports, but also their commitment to continuous innovation. Vestmark has a strong culture and proven ability to deliver engaging technology solutions that provide better outcomes to advisors and their clients.”

As firms strive to galvanize advice distribution through their advisory channels, technology that offers tight integration with the overarching business model is critical to sustaining a strategic advantage. Brinker differentiates its services by offering strategies intended to hedge against interest rate uncertainty. VestmarkONE enables the firm to flexibly incorporate active fixed income SMA managers, easily distribute to their advisors, and continuously monitor for exposure.


“A key component of Brinker Capital’s investment philosophy includes meaningfully blending active and passive investment strategies. The VestmarkONE technology supports our Core Guided program, which includes active fixed income SMA managers. Fixed income in UMAs are mostly mutual funds or characteristic-based model delivery, investors now benefit from active SMA fixed income management which is important during times of interest rate uncertainty,” said Avery Cook, Senior Vice President of Managed Products and Solutions at Brinker Capital.

Our partnership with Brinker underscores Vestmark’s commitment to discovering and developing new ways to improve the advisor experience and ultimately help investors reach their investment goals. For almost 30 years, Brinker Capital has delivered investment products that enable advisors to fulfill the investment needs of their clients and by selecting Vestmark, enable them to do it for 30 more. Find out how we can help you create a sustainable advantage.

By Rob Klapprodt, Corporate Strategy Officer