Empathy: the ONLY thing anyone should be selling right now

By Vince Pellegrini, SVP, Client Experience


First and foremost, I hope you and your family are staying healthy and settling into a new routine as we endure another black swan event (sidebar: is it just me or are these black swans now happening about once a decade?) Given our personal and professional lives have been turned upside down, one thing strikes me as particularly puzzling: why are so many B2B and B2C firms seemingly tone deaf and selling to you as if none of this is happening?

As a Product guy, I want to tell you how well our software has successfully handled our clients’ 10x spike in trading volume. As a Marketer, I want to yell from the mountaintop about how we’ve successfully rebalanced millions of accounts and modified numerous processes and workflows to best accommodate our clients’ needs. As a senior executive, I want to tell you about all the great things Vestmark has done to maintain continuity and some sense of normalcy for our employees and our customers.

But I’m not going to. Because now is definitely not the right time. Now is the time for one simple open-ended question:

How Can We Help?

Because really, that’s the only way we (or any vendor or person) can add value right now. Now is not the time for features and benefits. Now is not the time to be running the marketing campaign that was running at the end of February. Now is the time for us to help in any way we can. I’ll start the bidding with a few ideas:

  • We know a fair amount about our competitors’ offerings. We’ve done many conversions off them onto the VestmarkONE® platform. Can we help by sharing some ideas that will help you get the most out of whatever platform you’re currently using?
  • Our DevOps and infrastructure teams live and breathe uptime, security, connectivity & scale. Can we share any insights or lessons learned to help your firm as backbones are pushed to max capacity?
  • Our Products team is always looking for input from advisors and home offices to inform our roadmap. What glaring issues have bubbled up within your tech stack over the last few weeks? Have there been moments where “if I could just do X with my tech” your life would be meaningfully easier or better? If so, we’d love to hear about them.
  • Our Relationship Management teams have been working overtime to help our clients. In the process, they’ve come up with some new best practices to effectively manage advisor needs and operational challenges during highly volatile markets. Whether you’re a client or prospect, can we help by sharing some of those practices with you?

Many tone deaf software companies and service providers are still selling you features and functions. We just want to help. Let us know – or better yet – let me know and I’ll gladly connect you with the right people here at Vestmark.

Thanks and best wishes to you and your family.

By Vince Pellegrini, SVP, Client Experience