How Can We Help?

By Lauren Yeaton Hunt, VP, Product Marketing


We at Vestmark understand that the last couple of weeks have been very challenging for all of our clients, their advisors, as well as end investors everywhere. As a partner, we stand ready to help where we can as firms are reacting to the market's recent volatility and downturn. We have received requests to help some of our clients scale to accommodate some of the most common and voluminous activities.

We successfully enabled one of our large BD clients to process strategy changes from aggressive to more conservative across hundreds of thousands of accounts, as well as to accommodate and efficiently, quickly process the volume of client withdrawal requests they were receiving. We are also working with that firm to plan for an increase to their daily transaction volumes as a proactive way to ensure that they are able to meet the needs of their clients in the current market conditions.

With several other clients, we have initiated more touch-points for processing later in the afternoon in order to assure, with the extremely high current transaction volumes, that their mutual fund trades are being processed and submitted for execution in a timely manner each day.

As always and especially in times like these, we appreciate our clients' business, and thank them for being valued partners.

By Lauren Yeaton Hunt, VP, Product Marketing