Lost in Advisory Program Alphabet Soup? Reclaim Clarity with Consolidation

By Haley Sayre, Associate Marketing Analyst


Does your firm manage multiple managed account programs? Are your investment programs, SMA, UMA, RaPM, RaA, UMH, Fund Wrap, beginning to resemble a bowl of alphabet soup?

In addition to the confusing array of acronyms, multiple legacy programs often have conflicting and confusing rules, minimums, fee schedules, restrictions, workflows and back office operational support requirements. Supporting these separate programs and legacy systems can create regulatory risk, operational inefficiencies, and lead advisor- investor confusion. If your firm spends too much time managing too many programs, it may be time to re-evaluate your underlying technology stack and consider simplifying your advisory programs.

Platform Consolidation – Breaking down the distinction between program types

According to a recent white paper released by Cerulli Associates[1], when a wealth management firm can offload the task of managing the complex infrastructure that comes with multiple siloed managed account products, the firm's executives can redirect their efforts to developing more holistic advisory solutions for their clients. The VestmarkONE® platform offer advisors a wide range of portfolio solutions through a single investment program, creating clarity for advisors and investors, reducing risk, and increasing scale by consolidating programs and focusing on client solutions. In a single custodial account, the VestmarkONE® platform can support all of the following:

  • Multiple discretionary parties
  • Models, and models of models
  • Individual equity and fixed income securities, mutual funds, ETFs, options
  • Powerful tax- lot level accounting and trading for tax-aware management

Is it time for your firm to stop being pulled in different directions? Reclaim control by simplifying programs, creating scale, and giving your advisors and support teams time back to grow the business and focus on clients. Looking for more information about how we can help? Download our E-Book.

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[1] Cerulli Assciates | White Paper: The Twilight of Product Acroynms

By Haley Sayre, Associate Marketing Analyst