Values at the Vestmark Core

By Rob Klapprodt, Corporate Strategy Officer


2016 was phenomenal for Vestmark on all fronts and we celebrated with great entertainment, courtesy of the Improv Asylum, a great venue at Dave & Buster's Inc., and 250 of the most committed people in our industry at our annual company kick-off meeting last week. I’m overcome with pride for this company and the growth we’ve seen over the past 16 years.

We’re growing by every metric day by day and year by year. Our flagship solution, VestmarkONE®, has been adopted by some of the largest financial institutions in the world, and today, the platform services over 2 million accounts and over half a trillion dollars. We ended 2014 with 70 employees, and today, we start with 250. It’s astounding to think that our headcount has grown by 357% during such a short time period! What’s even more astounding is the critical role that our software plays in helping financial institutions service their investors every day.

From our start in 2001, we’ve upheld a corporate mission to enable investors to better their financial well-being. We do this through delivering technology and services that enable financial institutions and advisors to deliver holistic advice in line with investor objectives. We strive to be the most highly regarded financial technology provider across all of our segments.

We can’t do this without our people. Our employees are the lifeblood of our company and the reason why we’ve become a formidable force in the financial technology. We hire smart, we hire strategically, and we hire bright minds with bright ideas and passion for their careers.

While our employees are the engine that drives our innovation and growth, our underlying values, principles that we uphold individually and collectively, are our structural pillars. These values are at the heart of our corporate culture and define the type of talent we seek to attract to fuel our expansion. Our environment has evolved quite a bit due to the massive growth we have experienced in the last few years, but I can confidently say that our core values have remained sacrosanct. So, what are our core values, and why are they important?

Who We Are from Vestmark, Inc. on Vimeo.

We Before Me:

We identify and hire those who put the needs of the team first and aspire to bring out the best in others.

Knowledge Exploration:

We identify and hire curious, articulate, and pro-active problem solvers who adapt to the challenges at hand using creative collaboration.

Positive Energy:

We value levity and encourage a glass half full mentality. Those who face difficult situations with humor and a sense of opportunity are well poised to thrive in the complex and challenging financial services industry.

We’ve come a long way in 16 years and it’s because of our people and our deep commitment to upholding our values. These values are not just words – they are ideals entrenched in our corporate fabric. Staying true to our values over the next 16 years will help us achieve our goal of becoming a strategic software partner to the financial services industry in order to help investors better their financial well-being. 2016 was a phenomenal year, 2017 and beyond will be even better.

By Rob Klapprodt, Corporate Strategy Officer