Vestmark Manager Marketplace Unveils Expanded Research & Due Diligence Portal

By Rob Klapprodt, Corporate Strategy Officer


Today, more than ever, sponsor firms are forced to balance new ways to gain efficiencies without sacrificing advisor or investor services. A comprehensive asset manager roster is critical to attracting and retaining advisors. However, managing hundreds of manager relationships can be burdensome, requiring time-consuming contracting, due diligence and reporting, all while trying to keep managers engaged.

Surely there must be a better, scalable solution?

Indeed, the last few years have given rise to several third-party model hubs that offer simplified access. Why haven’t these become the norm? They tend to limit access, dictate fees and how they’re assessed, and tend to provide little transparency to process or results.

My fellow managing director, David Littleton, and I experienced the struggles of both sides of the exchange. We developed the blueprint, a seamless model marketplace, to alleviate our, and many others’, frustration. Powered by Vestmark’s battle-proven, high scale technology, we launched the Vestmark Manager Marketplace™ (VMM) – a single sign-in, über hub for exchanging model strategies, empowering single contract programs and facilitating simple SMA connectivity. Our goals are simple: reduce (or eliminate) redundancy, increase efficiency, provide transparency, deliver anywhere.


We respect the economics of our partners’ business models, which is why we don’t charge subscription fees or require minimum commitments. Our service is platform agnostic: you choose the platform, we deliver models to any platform – electronic feed or through deploying our expert back office support teams – and of course, we are fully integrated with the VestmarkONE® platform.

Some of our early adopters include Capital One, Wilshire Associates, and with our public launch a growing number of national independent advisory firms are joining the ranks.

We are committed to continuous improvement and innovation. In this vein, we recently announced a several enhancements to VMM – including the launch of a research and due diligence portal, which eliminates paper-based due diligence for all and facilitates asset managers and sponsors finding each other on their own terms.

A true marketplace allows product quality to speak for itself without biased promotion. Our Vestmark Manager Marketplace™ upholds this premise – we are unbiased and we do not promote product. We have created a network through which managers and sponsors can seamlessly connect. Our aim is to enhance the investment value chain to ultimately enable investors to better their financial well-being.

Read the press release to learn more about the latest enhancements to the Vestmark Manager Marketplace or download our e-book, “The Future of Model Access & Delivery for Asset Managers” or “The Future of Model Access & Delivery for Wealth Managers”.

By Rob Klapprodt, Corporate Strategy Officer