Creating Better Outcomes Through Effective Portfolio Management

By Rob Klapprodt, Corporate Strategy Officer


The right platform solution can bring portfolio management scale and efficiency to your practice throughout many critical parts of your workflow.

Listen In as we cover four key elements of practice efficiency strengthened by the VestmarkONE® platform:

  • Portfolio construction, management, rebalancing and trading, scale and flexibility that enables you to efficiently create custom portfolios for your individual clients;
  • Exception-based process flow powered by patented heat-maps, customizable alerts, and data presented to you in a uniquely actionable way;
  • Consistent, consolidated, integrated data and workflow that create a frictionless advice flow and experience for your clients;
  • Outsourcing options for some of your investment management processes via the Vestmark Manager Marketplace™ or some of your trading execution / overlay portfolio management through our Model Trading Service to create further scale for your business.

Listen to a recording of our webinar, here.

By Rob Klapprodt, Corporate Strategy Officer