Rep as Portfolio Manager

Grow the assets under your discretion with a platform for advanced portfolio management and delivery

Rep as PM

Exercise and retain control of your discretionary assets while efficiently adjusting to your investors’ changing life goals. VestmarkONE provides the technology infrastructure and flexibility you need to scale your business while building and managing investor-based portfolios. Create allocation models that can optionally be shared among many client accounts. With our unified, integrated platform, you can streamline and simplify portfolio construction, trade generation, compliance oversight, and performance reporting. Improve your efficiency and reinforce your value-add with a platform that automates key investment processes to strengthen your operations.

Key Benefits:

  • Monitor accounts on a 24x7 basis with our integrated user interface
  • Trade at the click of a button based on the unique needs of your investors
  • Rebalance across high volumes of accounts to maintain model allocation requirements 
  • Generate trades to minimize taxes and perform proactive tax harvesting