ETF & Mutual Fund Wrap

Flexibly construct your portfolios and investment vehicles, and transparently report your fees 

Systematically allocate your investors’ assets across mutual funds and ETFs. Efficiently select a mix of investment funds and establish targets with parameters to monitor drift. VestmarkONE lets you define simple and asset allocation-based fund wrap models and automatically calculate available cash based on different mutual fund settlement periods. Support for mutual fund trading includes exchanges, amount-based trading, and using average cost to determine cost basis for specific account positions. The VestmarkONE platform is designed for scale, performance speed, and mass customization to meet evolving business requirements and investor demands.  

Key Benefits:

  • Monitor, trade, and rebalance across hundreds of thousands of accounts
  • Track available cash based on different settlement periods of ETFs and mutual funds
  • Identify opportunities such as when closed mutual funds become available to new investors
  • Define rules to guard against investing in unapproved funds
  • Settle ETF and Mutual Fund trades in one day, in line with industry standards