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Separately Managed Accounts

Efficiently exchange and maintain separately managed accounts between sponsors and managers

Separately Managed Accounts

VestmarkONE supports program sponsors and investment managers with a robust infrastructure to facilitate trading, distribution, and administration of separately managed accounts.

As a sponsor, you can easily upload and manage models, place trades, and administer accounts. You can also easily support third-party managers who either model and trade on the platform or who shadow and trade their sleeves on a separate system. Finally, you can support your SMA business with an infrastructure that provides scale, customization, transparency, and tax-aware trading.

For investment managers, VestmarkONE provides a complete shadow accounting platform for managing models and rebalancing accounts, routing and executing trades, measuring account performance and managing composites, and reconciling with sponsors and custodians. Increase your assets under management with a solution that enables you to bring your innovative product offerings to market faster.

Key Benefits:

  • Rebalance to model with client-specific customizations, including comprehensive restriction handling and tax intelligence features
  • Synchronize internal systems-of-record and external custodians with our patented approach to reconciliation
  • Construct, calculate, and maintain GIPS ® compliant composites and performance measurement reports