Unified Managed Accounts

Vestmark’s industry-leading UMA chassis enables top-tier wealth management firms to redefine their business models

Unified Managed Accounts

With a range of allocation modeling options, true sleeve tax lot accounting, sleeve-level trading discretion, and comprehensive performance reporting, VestmarkONE allows you to provide innovative asset allocation solutions for a clients' UMA.

Easily combine separately managed accounts, third-party strategists, ETFs, and mutual funds, and support multi-party trading in a single account while maintaining separate sleeves. Our consolidated platform eliminates multiple sets of paperwork, systematically trades and rebalances accounts, creates a uniform fee structure, and streamlines tax harvesting so that you can spend more time winning assets and less time administering disparate systems.

"We have seen the trends across the industry of the consolidation [of advisory platforms] and we believe that the partnership with Vestmark, in parallel with other initiatives across the firm, will best position us to deliver seamless advice to our clients." - UBS

Key Benefits:

  • Construct and manage portfolio targets at multiple levels
  • Create GIPS® compliant, sleeve-level performance measurement
  • Provide account, sleeve, and modeling tools for financial advisors, central investment teams, and third-party investment managers
  • Support active, passive, and hybrid overlay portfolio management
  • Build and managed customized fixed income portfolios and sleeves using characteristics-based modeling tools