Vestmark Is the Best Place to Work

By Rob Klapprodt, Corporate Strategy Officer


I love working at Vestmark. And, thankfully, I’m not alone! Our employees love it here, too, which is why we were named to the Boston Business Journal’s 2017 Best Places to Work. The award highlights the dedication that we, as a company, have to providing our employees a dynamic workplace that challenges, excites, and inspires them on a daily basis to do their best work.

At Vestmark, we place enormous emphasis on tapping into and developing our human capital – it is our most valuable corporate asset and strategic competitive advantage. In fact, beyond the many awards we’ve won throughout our 16-year history and the many prestigious clients we now serve, I am most proud of the team we have built and the culture that supports them. Without the daily focus, energy, and passion that our employees display, we would not have 2 million investor accounts and $654 billion on our platform.

I have a lot of different things going every hour of the day it seems, but, I regularly schedule time to talk to employees to get a true sense of what makes our people gel and our culture stand-out. Recently, I caught up with a few casually about why they enjoy coming to work and what makes them want to deliver the best of themselves day-in and day-out, year after year. Here’s what they had to say:

Without a doubt, the best part of Vestmark is the people I work with. I love that every day is intellectually challenging and that each challenge is met with teamwork, positive energy, and a good sense of humor. I feel incredibly fortunate to be a part of the Vestmark community.

Elizabeth Storti, Finance Manager

After working at Vestmark for over 11 years, new challenges and opportunities still present themselves daily. The teamwork, ingenuity and commitment to success are what make Vestmark a very special place to work.

Keith O’Connor, Director, Data Services

As a 12-year veteran of Vestmark, I can say that I’ve never been happier in a job.

Nancy Werlin, Technical Writer

What makes Vestmark a compelling career choice for me is that I work for a company that has a product that is constantly pushing the bounds of innovation in the fin tech space. Working alongside like-minded people to increase Vestmark’s footprint and influence is truly rewarding.

Kevin Barrett, Sales Engineer

We are fortunate to have established a workspace that’s built around more than clocking into work at 9 and leaving at 5 to collect a paycheck (although I won’t diminish the importance of making a decent living, or of work-life balance). We come together every day to make our solutions better, our peers better, and our workplace better. This is why Vestmark is a Boston Business Journal Best Places to Work.

By Rob Klapprodt, Corporate Strategy Officer