Broker Dealers

Empower your home office with oversight and control. Empower your advisors with tools that maximize their efficiency

Accelerate Growth

Vestmark’s unified wealth management technology helps your advisors accelerate growth with comprehensive tools to manage and nurture their entire book of business and helps your home office scale centrally managed programs and proactively monitor adviser activity. Vestmark keeps you ahead of the curve, with a platform that offers scale, flexibility, and mass customization.

Key Benefits:

  • Manage all wealth management and fee-based advisory programs in one platform
  • Attract and retain top advisor talent with flexible trade tools 
  • Improve operational & trading efficiency
  • Implement investment ideas across all accounts and receive alerts for exceptions, rebalance in scale, allow for apply client level tax considerations, and provide customized requests
  • Streamline client performance reporting by performance across all advisory, brokerage, held-away accounts, and measure household-level returns
  • Reduce operational overhead and operational risk with automated processes that can be applied across all of your accounts
  • Rapidly launch new advisory programs while leveraging your existing investment expertise to create competitive differentiators