Solutions for: Asset Managers

Are you looking for ways to grow your business by differentiating your product offering while also increasing profitability, scale, and efficiency? The Vestmark Asset Manager Platform makes personalized, tax-managed strategies, and multi-asset portfolios easy, helping you to drive revenue faster, improve productivity, and reach new audiences.

Launch Products Faster

Grow your AUM by introducing new products or enhancing your current product offering with Vestmark’s sophisticated wealth management technology platform and outsourced trading and investment services. We can enable customized, tax-managed strategies at scale.

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Expand Distribution

Grow your AUM by accessing new or increased distribution channels. Vestmark has deep relationships with major sponsor and custodian firms, enabling you to increase your distribution reach and access new channels.

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Enhance Operations

Improve your profitability, scale, and efficiency with a new or enhanced operating model. Vestmark's platform is a highly robust trading and rebalancing engine integrated with major distribution firms with notable scale to support volume spikes and future growth.

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Potential Benefits for Asset Managers

More Control

With a centralized hub and connectivity to all major distribution partners, Vestmark covers both sides of the distribution equation. Select a technology partner who can leverage an experienced team and 20 years of experience in implementations to design a solution that optimizes your business’s secret sauce with quick time to market.

More Flexibility

With highly modular software components and an `a la carte menu of outsourced services, it’s easy to tailor a solution that meets your specific business goals. We can support your manager-traded and model-based SMA business. It’s as simple as sending us a model and letting us do the rest or designing a solution that enables as much involvement as makes sense for your business.

Sophistication & Customization with Scale

Vestmark's robust trading and rebalancing engine simplifies and streamlines the delivery of your investment ideas, making changes across all accounts in a tax-aware manner in just minutes. We offer full support for retail fixed income solutions, enabling you to offer tax-managed strategies, tax transition services, personalized portfolios, direct and customized indexing, and support seamless integration with optimizers.

Manage Risk

Vestmark's platform enables a single pane of glass experience, providing a hub in which to manage your entire business. Centrally manage, trade, and track your accounts, including performance calculations and composite management across multiple sponsor programs and relationships, helping to minimize risk by improving operational efficiency. Additionally, offload operational risk with the option to outsource with a 100% onshore business model and an experienced team.

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Seek to Grow your Assets Under Management with New Tax Managed Strategies

Vestmark Advisory Solutions (VAS) offers tax-managed services to help amplify the growth of your investment business. Bring successful strategies, whether offered as institutional, SMA, ETF, or mutual funds, to market quickly in an enhanced, tax-managed way, without significant up-front investment or internal development. You can offer increased customization, expand tax management capabilities, and potentially add tax alpha to investment returns, all without paying a program fee or creating significant ongoing demand on internal resources.

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Reach new distribution channels and offer increased personalization and tax management at scale by partnering with Vestmark Advisory Solutions (VAS).

Model Trading Service

Focus on managing your investment strategies by simplifying and offloading the burdensome operational processes.

VAS offers this turnkey service, designed to create immediate scale for your trading operations - including model implementation, management, trading, rebalancing, overlay management, and account administration Let us support you by tailoring a partially or fully outsourced solution.

Vestmark Manager Marketplace

Seamlessly expand the distribution of your strategies through connectivity to a broad network of wealth managers.

Solve your firm’s distribution dilemma by connecting with sponsors across all segments of the industry through a true open architecture marketplace. Vestmark Manager Marketplace offers a single contract solution, centralized billing, no platform fee, streamlined onboarding, and transparency into asset flow and usage data, enabling you to scale your back office.


Much more than software: Outsourced services

Outsourcing doesn't have to be an all-or-nothing business decision. Our experienced team can help tailor a solution across a range of operational functions including reconciliation, corporate actions, performance administration and composite management, order generation, billing, account administration, print fulfillment, mailing, and more.

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There is no assurance that a separately managed account (“SMA”) will achieve its investment objective. SMAs are subject to market risk, which is the possibility that the market values of the securities in an account will decline and that the value of the securities may therefore be less than what you paid for them.

Investment strategies that seek to enhance after-tax performance may be unable to fully realize strategic gains or harvest losses. Tax-loss harvesting involves the risks that the new investment could perform worse than the original investment and that transaction costs could offset the tax benefit.