Easily support hundreds of thousands of households, investors and accounts with scale and security you'll never outgrow.


Eliminate costly legacy systems and inefficient processes that hinder your Ops, Product, Compliance and Investment teams.


Customize your implementation approach and turn the dials as needed to best suit your unique needs and objectives.


Potential Benefits for Asset Managers

Ditch multiple logins & duplicate work

Gain significant operational efficiency when you aggregate, manage, trade, and perform portfolio accounting – including performance calculations and composite tracking – all in a centralized platform. The VestmarkONE® platform enables you to centrally manage, trade, and track your accounts across multiple sponsor programs and relationships.

Easily manage tens of thousands of accounts across all sponsor programs

The VestmarkONE® platform's robust trading and rebalancing engine simplifies the delivery of your investment ideas, including customized portfolios, making changes across all accounts in a tax-aware manner in just minutes. Maximize operational efficiency by streamlining or completely outsourcing middle and back office functions.

Tailor the software & services bundle that’s right for you

With highly modular software components and an a la carte menu of outsourced services, it’s easy to tailor a solution that meets your specific business goals. Vestmark’s combination of technology and services makes it as simple as sending us a model and letting us do the rest, or designing a solution that enables as much involvement as makes sense for your business.

Balance growth with control & oversight

The VestmarkONE® platform lets you turn the dials of our configurable compliance rules engine to easily manage rules and exceptions at the firm, program, and account level. Graphic visualizations and exception-based workflows can create efficiencies and scale to support the growth of your business.


Much more than software: Outsourced services

Outsourcing doesn't have to be an all-or-nothing business decision. Our experienced team can help tailor a solution across a range of operational functions including reconciliation, corporate actions, performance administration and composite management, order generation, billing, account administration, print fulfillment and mailing, and more.

VestmarkONE® for Asset Managers Brochure

Model business? We've got you covered there too.

Model Delivery Service

Let us help scale your model distribution by handling the process of communicating your investment models and portfolio changes to them on your behalf. Simplify model delivery and offload the burdensome operational process of model updates while retaining control of contracts and relationships with each distributor.

Vestmark Manager Marketplace™

Solve the distribution dilemma for your firm by connecting with sponsors across the wealth management landscape. Vestmark Manager Marketplace™ offers a single contract, centralized billing, transparency into asset flow and usage data, and the ability to publish materials and manage online profile on the research portal used by sponsor firms.

Innovating Wealth Technology