Wealth Managers

Provide personal advice in real time to your investors

Solutions for Family Offices, TAMPs, and RIA Home Offices

Vestmark’s unified wealth management technology links disparate processes to marry proposal generation, enrollment, rebalancing and reporting at the investor’s household level across multiple custodians and account types. Onboard, retain, and grow investor wealth with technology that enables you to bring more transparency and efficiency to your process.

Key Benefits:

  • Provide holistic advice for your clients with a complete financial picture
  • Govern and monitor your network of advisors with complete oversight
  • Rebalance investor portfolios in an integrated, automated way
  • Generate orders and automate post trade processing with our intuitive trade order management system
  • Easily access third-party managers and investment strategists
  • Scale your  practice with an integrated platform for trading,  automatic account monitoring, drift alerts, efficient rebalancing tools, and flexible portfolio management visualization across all custodians