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Right-size Your Unique Outsourcing Solution

Outsourcing does not have to be an all-or-nothing business decision. Our experienced team can help tailor a solution across a range of options and services to best fit your business and your challenges. Leveraging dedicated resources, expertise, and technology infrastructure can lower your costs and create immediate scale, enabling you to focus on growth.

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Concentrate on Your Strengths, Let Us Handle the Rest

Technology paired with outsourced services can create real scale and efficiency for your business. Our experienced team can perform a set of services – tailored to your firm’s needs and challenges – including those outlined below.  We assume responsibility and oversight of workflows, approvals and execution of these tasks, in a way that fits your firm’s desired operating model.

Key Services

Account Administration

Processing and documentation for account opening, maintenance, terminations, funding, as well as indexing and archiving documents, and more.


Daily reconciliation to custodian(s) – at the tax lot level – to enable your firm to be trade ready by market open the next day.

Corporate Actions Processing

Timely, accurate and consistent processing of corporate actions and updates to your security master, including managing and performing elections.

Print Fulfillment & Mailing

Including the production and mailing of statements, performance reports, and other account-level communications.

Trading Services

SMA trade implementation for asset managers.


Fee calculation, account debiting and invoicing for client and manager fees.

Performance Calculation

Oversight of regular performance calculation and production of performance data at the composite, account and sleeve levels, in a GIPS compliant methodology.

Composite Management

Administration of your performance composites, including management of composite membership.


Why Choose Vestmark for Outsourcing?

Our experienced professional team with deep industry background has been providing these services for more than a decade, supporting dozens of firms across the spectrum of the wealth management industry. Their well-established relationships with all major sponsors and custodians give us a unique ability to resolve issues and solve problems for our clients.

Tailor Your Outsourcing Needs