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Vestmark Manager Marketplace

Solving the Distribution and Access Dilemmas

For asset managers, a model distribution hub to seamlessly connect to a broad network of distribution partners. For wealth managers, a way to streamline the administrative burden of maintaining a true open architecture set of manager and strategy choices.

Advice Delivery Simplified

True Open Architecture Marketplace

Access a single-contract, open-architecture marketplace with centralized billing/payment collection, reporting on assets, accounts and flows, and a single delivery point for model management. Our marketplace is built on the premise that product quality speaks for itself. We are not biased, and do not promote product. With no platform fees and no access hurdles, managers and strategies can be added quickly and easily.

Time & Transparency

Vestmark Manager Marketplace (VMM) was built to help save time and deliver enhanced transparency. We strive to reduce friction with a truly open architecture marketplace. VMM also works to save you time through our partnership with DiligenceVault®, which enables you to streamline your due diligence process, saving you significant time and resources.

“The Vestmark Manager Marketplace aims to offer firms a wide variety of manager and strategy choices to empower the construction of dynamic asset allocation portfolios, with access to institutional-caliber investment managers. VMM plays a critical role in simplifying the burdens of accessing and distributing model portfolios in a truly open architecture framework that enables our clients to streamline their operations.”

Rob Battista, SVP/Head of Vestmark Advisory Solutions
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Segment Approach

Asset Managers

Efficiently distributing your strategies in a frictionless open-architecture marketplace presents many opportunities for AUM growth. Our platform can help you widen your reach, reduce access hurdles, expand your personalization and tax-management capabilities and work to ensure that the integrity of your strategy is respected.

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Wealth Managers

Access and deploy strategies from a broad array of asset managers without the administration burden of maintaining your own manager roster. Our service helps you better use your time and resources with streamlined onboarding, administration, and collection of manager information for due diligence and research and provides access to the tools to enable customization and tax-management to provide a more personalized client experience.

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Personalized Investing at Scale®