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Model Trading Service

Supporting all model-based discretionary programs

VAS offers this turnkey service to create immediate scale for overlay, trading operations – or to enable you to provide a revenue-generating service to financial advisors. This service includes outsourced model/strategy implementation and/or overlay portfolio management: the implementation, management, trading, and rebalancing of models as well as certain account administration functions.

True Open Architecture

Models can be sourced from the fully open architecture Vestmark Manager Marketplace (VMM), a wealth management firm’s home office, financial advisors, or third-party managers/strategists.

Active-Tax Management

Vestmark enables you to differentiate your investment strategies with ongoing active tax overlay and tax transition solutions that can be added on to model trading.

Key Potential Benefits of Our Model Trading Service

Scale the administration and trading, save time, and focus resources on clients, prospects, and value-creating activities that drive differentiation:

Supports all model-based discretionary advisory programs, including UMA, SMA, fund/ETF wrap and Rep as PM

Offers scalable account-level customization, tax-sensitive trading, tax-loss harvesting, automated wash sale avoidance and more

Offloads the burdensome operational and administrative workflows and processes surrounding implementing and managing your strategies or portfolios

Rebalances and implements trades on your client accounts according to your pre-determined instructions and tolerances to maintain the integrity of the strategy and investment intention

Enable you to outsource risk to a highly scalable platform with automated workflows and an experienced team

Serving broker dealers, asset managers, and RIAs across the wealth management industry

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Vestmark Advisory Solutions (VAS) can work in many different capacities depending on what makes sense for your business. We can provide these services with or without discretion and even act as Investment Advisor, offering you the flexibility to choose how best to implement our solution.

  • VMM is a true open architecture marketplace, with no access hurdles and an ability to easily add managers and strategies. VMM models can be sourced from a wealth management firm’s home office/ internal product teams, third party managers and strategists, individual financial advisors, and branches – in addition to any of the 1000+ models from over 200 managers on the Vestmark Manager Marketplace.

  • An advisor or firm would NOT have to use the VestmarkONE® platform in-house to outsource the trading of strategies or portfolios via the Model Trading Service. For a firm that wants to outsource account opening, administration, trading and rebalancing, we connect to your custodian, you would provide the investment instructions and then leave the rest to Vestmark.

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