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Model Trading Service

Supporting all model-based discretionary programs

This turnkey service is designed to create immediate scale for your trading operations, offering model implementation, management, trading, rebalancing and overlay management services. Models can be sourced from the Vestmark Manager Marketplace™ or provided by the home office or advisors.

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Outsourced Services

Key Potential Benefits of Our Model Trading Service

Multi-program Support

Our trading team can support all types of model-based discretionary advisory programs, including UMAs.

Professional Execution

All trading activities are performed with the goal of honoring manager intent.

Experienced Team

You're supported by an award-winning team with deep industry knowledge and well-established relationships with key counterparties at major sponsors and custodians.

Maximum Flexibility

Utilize a fully-outsourced solution or tailor a suite of services to complement your in-house trading and overlay management operations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Vestmark take sole discretion on the accounts traded via the Model Trading Service?

No, Vestmark Advisory Solutions (VAS) takes shared discretion, as a sub-advisor, for the purpose of executing trades only. This service trades accounts and sleeves in line with model positions and drift tolerances. The advisor on the account maintains the overall discretion for manager selection, and can implement model changes, set drift tolerances and trade parameters, etc.

Does the Model Trading Service trade only models distributed through Vestmark Manager Marketplace?

No, this service trades models from any approved source, including home office/ internal product teams, third party managers and strategists, individual financial advisors, and branches – in addition to any of the 650 models from over 140 managers on the Vestmark Manager Marketplace.

Does an advisor or firm need to be on the VestmarkONE® platform to utilize the Model Trading Service?

An advisor or firm would NOT have to use the VestmarkONE® platform in-house to outsource the trading of models via the Model Trading Service. For a firm that wants to outsource account opening, administration, trading and rebalancing, we connect to your custodian, you would provide the investment instructions and then leave the rest to Vestmark.

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