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Vestmark and FLX Distribution Announce Strategic Partnership Expanding Access For Both Asset Managers and Wealth Managers

Partnership underscores value of forward-thinking models that service both sides of distribution ecosystem

WAKEFIELD, MA/BERNARDSVILLE, NJ, JUNE 14, 2021 – Vestmark and FLX Distribution today announced a strategic partnership bringing to market a robust set of complementary offerings that deliver on a joint mission to provide clients with innovative solutions to grow and improve their businesses.

Vestmark, a leading provider of portfolio management tools and trading software, brings a wealth of resources to the partnership through a deep network of broker-dealer and asset manager clients, coupled with efficiency and scale through its outsourced services and solutions. FLX Distribution – the Resource and Asset Management Platform (RAMP) revolutionizing the distribution experience among asset managers, wealth managers, and advisors – lends a complementary set of resources to the services provided by Vestmark, allowing asset managers a scalable and flexible solution set to implement their wealth management distribution strategy. Together, the two provide unparalleled access, intelligence, and flexibility.

Rooted in shared company values and mutual constituents spanning asset managers, wealth managers, distribution professionals, and advisors, the Vestmark-FLX partnership’s power is underscored by the two firms’ complementary capabilities. These include the delivery of cost effective, and best in class solutions and services that can bolster both performance and bottom lines for companies, ranging from back office services, sophisticated and scalable trading and rebalancing tools, model delivery, connectivity to distribution firms, and the FLX Data Vault and Solutions Providers network.

“Vestmark brings rapid time to market with low-effort deployment, the ability to leverage our outsourced back office operations servicing team and seamless connectivity to distribution platforms. We are thrilled to partner with FLX to enable firms to rapidly take these operational capabilities to the next step in terms of scalable and effective promotional activities,” said John Lunny, CEO of Vestmark. “FLX can help our client firms develop product and distribution strategies optimizing their leverage of Vestmark’s unique personalization and tax management capabilities.”

“Given the complementary nature of the FLX RAMP set of resources to those provided by Vestmark, we see this partnership as a forward-thinking venture to help asset managers seeking a scalable and flexible solution for their distribution strategy,” said FLX Distribution CEO Brian Moran. “We believe that together, both firms’ supporting solution sets covering the front to back office can lead to greater efficiencies for both asset and wealth management firms.”

In just over a year since its founding, FLX Distribution has established itself as the leading, award-winning, most innovative independent distributor of asset management services nationwide. FLX has signed to its platform more than 30 asset managers, representing in excess of $55 billion in combined assets under management. In addition, FLX has attracted hundreds of independent, experienced distribution professionals to its community as it brings flexibility, fresh perspective, integrated services, and “Distribution at a Reasonable Price” to the marketplace.

Vestmark, which celebrated its 20th anniversary in January 2021, helps financial advisors enable investors to achieve their financial goals by delivering technology and services that allow advisors and financial institutions to better deliver holistic, sophisticated, and personalized financial advice. Since its inception, the company has brought financial advice to millions of families and individuals and improved the workflow process for their advisors – delivering on its guiding principle of helping democratize the investment industry.

The partnership will incorporate the Vestmark Manager Marketplace™ offered by Vestmark Advisory Solutions, as FLX works with its asset manager partners to explore multiple points of wealth management distribution opportunities. Both parties enter the partnership with shared goals of increased visibility and increased uptake.

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About Vestmark

Headquartered in Wakefield, Mass. and founded in 2001, Vestmark is a leading provider of portfolio management solutions and outsourced services for financial institutions and their advisors, enabling them to efficiently manage customized client portfolios through an innovative technology platform. Supporting over $1.5 trillion in assets and 5.5 million accounts, Vestmark is a trusted partner to some of the largest and most respected wealth management firms. For more information about Vestmark’s solutions, call (781) 224-3640 or visit

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About FLX Distribution

Launched in December 2019, FLX Distribution is revolutionizing the distribution experience among asset managers, wealth managers, and advisors. We provide a technology platform known as a Resource and Asset Management Platform (RAMP) that delivers unmatched scale, flexibility, and access to a modular and on-demand experience.

The FLX Distribution technology platform simultaneously empowers asset managers and distribution professionals to drive results and retain optionality. Powered by a combination of proprietary tech developments, and a stack of leading software providers, we have created a seamless exchange providing access to media resources, distribution solutions, corporate strategy, and business services.

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