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Vestmark Remembers Ed Friedlander

Wakefield, MA—June 23, 2020—It is with shock, deep regret and profound sadness that we announce the tragic and sudden passing of our friend and colleague Ed Friedlander. Ed was an SVP of Business Development at Vestmark and in his 15 years with the firm, made immeasurable contributions to our growth and culture.

Ed was part of the fiber and foundation of Vestmark. He was here almost from the beginning of our firm and has been singlehandedly responsible for a great deal of Vestmark’s growth. Ed has been loved by so many of our clients and colleagues, was a steadfast and tireless coach for colleagues on the sales team and across the organization. Ed was a constant advocate for our clients; he understood what drove their businesses but could also relate to them on personal terms.

Colleagues who knew and worked with Ed universally say that he was a friend, a trusted and respected source of knowledge, levity, perspective, advice, counsel and ideas, and always giving of himself and his time. Ed was always positive and encouraging, quick to point out the silver lining, a creative solution, or a different way to look at a challenge, and generous with a smile or laugh even in the most challenging of circumstances. Ed had a great sense of humor and a creative and mischievous streak that made so many of us laugh and love him.

A successful professional, Ed dedicated himself to Vestmark, but always treasured his family above all. He spoke so proudly of his two kids and lovingly of his wife, and always found a way to balance his hard work and dedication to Vestmark and our clients with prioritizing those whom he loved most, to fish, ski, boat and travel with his family.

We deeply grieve the loss of our treasured friend and remarkable colleague, and we send our love and most sincere condolences to his family.

John Lunny
CEO, Vestmark

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