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Vestmark Team Members Granted U.S. Patent for Innovative Enhancements to Automated Trade Processing

Patented Mechanism Streamlines the Management & Monitoring of Trade Rotations, Helping to Ensure Greater Fairness for Investors

WAKEFIELD, Mass., Sept. 17, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Vestmark announces that the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has granted Vestmark team members U.S. Patent No. 10176523, for the trade order management system and methodology they developed.

Heeren Pathak, Chief Technology Officer of Vestmark; Ladislav Kis, Principal Software Engineer at Vestmark; along with a former Vestmark employee, received the patent for inventing a trade processing mechanism which enables financial advisors and institutions overseeing portfolios across multiple client accounts to:

  • Efficiently execute trades with multiple custodians
  • Ensure regular rotations of account trades, which prevents a single individual account from always trading first and obtaining the best prices
  • Manage high volumes of trades with different counterparties in accordance with rotations, at scale
  • Seamlessly monitor all trading activity with every counterparty, and adhere to compliance with trade rotation policies
  • Automatically route trades to the right desks, and in the correct formats that the desks require for processing them
  • Ensure trades are sent to where investors have fee arrangements, to leverage pricing advantages where available and applicable

"This automated trade processing innovation is another example of how our team has assumed a leading role in developing solutions to simplify and enhance portfolio management for financial advisors and institutions," said John Lunny, CEO of Vestmark. "We are proud of our colleagues for taking the initiative to create tools that can empower the advisors and institutions we work with to grow their practices. This is a great example of our continued mission to bring investment innovation down market; we're making it easier and more efficient for advisors to provide a range of sophisticated investment vehicles to their clients, and to manage and even customize the client solutions in a very scalable way."

The patented mechanism has been fully implemented into the VestmarkONE® software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform. All financial advisors and financial institutions which utilize the VestmarkONE® platform's electronic trading features can take advantage of these automated trade processing enhancements.

"At Vestmark, we invented a way to harness trade metadata to help advisors and asset managers eliminate points of operational friction by automating manual trade processing workflows," said Heeren Pathak, Chief Technology Officer of Vestmark. "By enabling Vestmark clients to efficiently rotate, route, and track all trades, at scale, the VestmarkONE® platform reduces manual work and improves overall trade compliance, allowing them to spend more time focusing on improving outcomes for investors."

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