IBOR tax lots sleeve level performance reporting

Sleeve-Level Accounting

Effectively manage investor portfolios using sleeve-level accounting for tax lots and transactions

Easily implement multiple strategies into a single account with VestmarkONE’s sleeve-level accounting functionality. Our real-time, trade-date-based portfolio accounting engine is built from the ground up to efficiently support sleeve-based portfolios. Gain complete control over your portfolios and ensure that your accounting processes are aligned with the goals of your SMA and UMA structures. 

Key Benefits:

  • Maintain a sleeve-level IBOR by tracking tax lots and transactions at the sleeve level
  • Report performance at the sleeve, account, and household levels
  • Allow multiple managers to trade in a single account by isolating the trading discretion of each sleeve
  • Manage each sleeve as a sub-account with its own cash and reconcile custodial positions at the sleeve tax lot and transaction level