Direct Indexing at Scale

Over the past few years, passive investing has grown tenfold. At the same time, investors have demanded the ability to express their personal values through their investments, and tax management has become an important component of demonstrating value in portfolio management. Direct Indexing is the logical result of the intersection of these trends.

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Offer Personalized, Tax-managed Portfolios at Scale

While the potential upside for direct indexing solutions is very real, so too are the challenges for investment professionals who want to offer these personalized strategies. Fortunately, Vestmark’s technology offers a scalable and efficient way to deliver personalized, tax-managed portfolio solutions.

Direct Indexing Strategies at Scale: A Practical Approach for Investment Professionals: offers an informed, practical approach to delivering personalized index-based portfolios that replaces restrictive manual effort with automated back-office muscle. Inside, you’ll discover:

  • Why personalized index-based portfolios are different from simply replicating passive indexes – and the value that can bring to your clients
  • The bottom-line power of active tax-management – and how important it is to leverage the right technology to deliver it efficiently across all of your clients' portfolios
  • How to leverage the right technology to manage personalized portfolios efficiently and at scale, with seamless connectivity to all of your key distribution partners

Direct Indexing Strategies at Scale: A Practical Approach for Investment Professionals

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Why Vestmark for Direct Indexing?

Rapid time to market, low-effort deployment

As a cloud-based SaaS solution deployed with Vestmark’s outsourced back-office services, the VestmarkONE® platform requires no installation and almost no IT involvement from the client.

Scalable, efficient customization via automated workflows

Our advanced technology allows personalization of client portfolios – whether it’s the application of ESG screens, factors or tilts, security restrictions, or other types of customization – while enabling these accounts to still be managed and rebalanced alongside other accounts in an automated workflow, eliminating manual workarounds.

True tax lot accounting to support tax managed strategies

Automated tax-aware trading and tax management workflows can only be accomplished if a platform has communications and connectivity with the custodians at the tax-lot level AND if the tax-lots are in sync with the custodian at the start of trading each day.

Seamless connectivity to distribution partners

Vestmark features a deep network of broker/dealer and asset manager clients, has experience working with a wide variety of end-client solutions as well as connecting sponsors and asset managers, enabling them to deliver a broad suite of solutions in an efficient, scalable way.

Scale to handle volumes and future growth

Whether it’s your home office overlay team rebalancing tens or hundreds of thousands of accounts, or your advisors managing hundreds or thousands of individual sleeves, exception-based processing and automated workflows enable true scale and real-time savings.