A Bank Wealth Management Executive’s Guide to Platform Technology Strategy in the 2020’s

By Lauren Yeaton Hunt, VP, Product Marketing

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All too often, decisions about investment management platform technology are made with the proverbial tail wagging the dog. They are driven by teams that are looking to do what they have always done in a slightly more scalable, efficient way, but isolated from decisions on the rest of the advice technology stack, workflow and broader decisions about future business strategy. Otherwise, decisions are made based on individual capabilities without sufficient analysis of how they integrate with the rest of your technology.

As bank executives increasingly seek to deliver stratified solutions across their entire client segmentation leveraging a common chassis and creating required scale, modern cloud-based systems combined with strategic outsourcing of non-essential, low value-add functions are key building blocks to the platform of the future.

Vestmark believes the best path forward begins with a clear target state operating model that both reflects the advisor and client experiences you desire to deliver and streamlines and improves key advisory processes.

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By Lauren Yeaton Hunt, VP, Product Marketing