The Future-Proof Firm: Navigating Broker-Dealer Trends

By Lauren Yeaton Hunt, VP, Product Marketing

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Broker-dealers are pulled by two distinct but equally important forces: A commitment to deliver performance for investors today and the need to be ready for the change that will come tomorrow.

In this white paper, we will explore two major categories of change that we at Vestmark have observed in our industry:

  • Unpredictable “high-water” events and periods in which new historic highs place stress on systems
  • Predictable macro-trends in the industry as consolidation and scale demand that broker- dealers and advisors maximize efficiencies and grow to stay relevant

Each of these trends carries implications for the firms and people who power the investment community. By looking at specific examples in Vestmark’s experience, and by sharing our viewpoint on how these changes might affect our clients and our industry, we aim to help broker-dealers, advisors and clients ask the right questions as they seek to successfully navigate a future of change.

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By Lauren Yeaton Hunt, VP, Product Marketing