Industry Trends

Today's Trend is Tomorrow's Business Opportunity 

Risk, Regulation, Complexity, and Changing Investor Demands

The practice of managing wealth is constantly evolving due to risk, regulation, complexity, and changing investor demands. Anticipating what lies ahead for our clients is what inspires our solutions. With over half a trillion in assets on our platform, we’re close to investments,clients we serve, and to the investors who need solutions to reach their wealth goals. We are engaged in every facet of how the industry is changing; as a result, we can lead emerging industry trends and deliver solutions that help our clients and the industry excel today and tomorrow.

Here are three trends that are top of mind for Vestmark and our clients.

Platform Consolidation:

The linkage between the front and back office holds the key to meeting the heightened service requirements of customers, post financial crisis, and enabling a seamless transition to a digital delivery model. For wealth managers seeking to capture new clients, a fully integrated platform can enable efficient and accurate asset tracking, and reduce data redundancy and inconsistency to enable a better experience. To learn more about the benefits of consolidating multiple technology stacks, fee structures, and paperwork, click here.

Robo Advice:

The concept of “robo-advice”–the use of automation and digital technology to build and manage portfolios of exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and other instruments for investors–has gained significant attention within the wealth management industry. Robo-advice streamlines the account opening process, and its ability to transfer assets is increasing. To learn more about robo-advice and how a robo advisory solution may benefit your practice, click here.

The Department of Labor's Fiduciary Rule:

The Department of Labor(DoL) has put forth a proposal that will have extensive operational impacts in many areas of financial services, affecting nearly $20 trillion in US retirement assets. Under the proposal, many activities performed for retirement accounts will,  for the first time, be considered as advice. As a result, financial advisors and investment managers must meet the DoL’s fiduciary requirements across all IRA accounts (regardless of size) or eliminate their services to these accounts. Scaling to efficiently onboard and manage thousands of new accounts, provide ongoing model allocation changes, and comply with the regulation is causing many firms to re-evaluate their operating model. If you are one of these firms, and you want to learn more about the Department of Labor's Fiduciary Rule and how Vestmark can help, click here.