Life at Vestmark

Life at Vestmark

Vestmark's thriving work culture promotes individual growth, team collaboration, and employee wellness. This environment keeps client satisfaction high and employee turn-over low. We offer a wide range of employee resources, social activities, and opportunities for employee development to help you build a fulfilling career.

We strive to:

  • Deliver the best products, services, and results to our customers
  • Foster an open environment for exchanging ideas
  • Create dynamic cross-functional team interactions and a positive work environment
  • Inspire greatness from our employees and promote a healthy work-life balance

Contribute to the Vestmark workplace and grow your career with an industry leader.

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What Our Employees Are Saying

What excites you about Vestmark?

Mark Peabody /Product Management

"The employees are a big part of what keeps me happy working at Vestmark. When I came in to talk to the executives before joining the team, I was really impressed by the individuals I met. I could tell that they truly understood the industry and were passionate about their jobs. When I started, Vestmark had 20 employees and now we have over 300. The culture, built on open and transparent communication, continues to exist despite how much we have grown. In addition, many of the original Vestmark employees remain part of the team today. This is a reflection of what a great place it is to work and to be a technologist."

Keith O’Connor / Director, Data Services

“After working at Vestmark for over 11 years, new challenges and opportunities still present themselves daily. The teamwork, ingenuity and commitment to success are what make Vestmark a very special place to work.”

What makes Vestmark unique?

Kevin Barrett / Sales Engineer

“What makes Vestmark a compelling career choice for me is that I work for a company that has a product that is constantly pushing the bounds of innovation in the fin tech space. Working alongside like-minded people to increase Vestmark’s footprint and influence is truly rewarding.”