Bank Trust Advisors

Build and maintain your client relationships with integrated technology

Make your service capabilities standout with technology that enables you to provide holistic advice on your investor’s wealth. Vestmark’s technology and services can help you deliver an impact – attracting and growing serviceable streams while removing complicated, time consuming, and risky processes. We offer the standardization and scale you need to serve your investors more reliably while maintaining sufficient granularity to satisfy their unique needs for transparency.

Key Benefits:

  • Reduce your costs-to-serve with integrated technology that provides a complete picture of client wealth
  • Improve your operational efficiency leveraging a single, integrated platform to manage your entire wealth management process
  • Maintain control of client accounts while leveraging the expertise of your firm’s investment committee and approved third party managers
  • Deliver clear and comprehensive updates on your investor  progress towards their financial goals and objectives
  • Stay within your fiduciary duties with the ability to set up policy rules and set up alerts that include built-in guardrails