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Vestmark Announces Innovative Options Trading and Risk Management Capabilities

Wakefield, MAAugust 16, 2018Vestmark, the leading provider of portfolio management and trading solutions for financial advisors and institutions, today announced a new release of the VestmarkONE® platform that includes an advanced options trading module for retail managed accounts. 

The  latest  VestmarkONE  module  enables  advisors  to  scale  options  trading  by  eliminating  the  need  to  trade options account  by  account.  Now,  hundreds  or  even  thousands  of  accounts  can  be  traded  at  once,  without impacting  accounts  following  models,  avoiding  false  rebalancing  alerts  or  model  drift  notifications. This capability allows advisors to more efficiently use options in advisor-managed programs, and facilitates the use of option strategies in centrally managed and separately managed account programs as well. 

Along  with  these  block  trading  capabilities,  the  module  provides  corresponding  automated  risk  management features which can be configured to:

  •  Automatically  encumber  securities  underlying  the  contracts  such  as  covered  calls  to  prevent  over exposed positions.
  •  Perform  pre-trade  compliance  checks  to  ensure  strategies  are  allowed  by  the account’s option  level prior to placing trades.
  • Proactively identify accounts with for expiring options to allow advisors to manage those contracts.

In a recent survey of more than 600 advisors, Cerulli Associates reported that on average, advisors using options do so in 21% of their clients’ accounts and expect to increase that use to 30% in the next three years. The survey also cited that acquiring technology to manage options could encourage advisors to use options more broadly [1].The newly launched options module in VestmarkONE enables advisors to trade options safely and efficiently at scale. 

“We  saw  an  opportunity  to  deliver  value  to  our  clients  as  an  increasing  number  of  advisors  consider  using option trategies  in  their  portfolios  for  income  generation  and  downside  protection,”  said  John  Lunny,  CEO. “The  efficiencies  offered  through  the  block-trading  of  options  may  encourage  more  firms  and  advisors  to leverage options capabilities in their portfolio strategies going forward.” 

About Vestmark:

Vestmark is the leading provider of portfolio management and trading solutions for financial advisors and institutions, headquartered outside of Boston, MA. Founded in 2001, Vestmark’s mission is to enable investors to better their financial well-being.

Vestmark enables financial institutions and advisors to efficiently manage and trade investor portfolios through an innovative SaaS platform. With over $850 billion in assets and 2.5 million accounts, we are a trusted partner to some of the largest and most respected players across the wealth management industry.For more information about Vestmark's solutions, call (781) 224-3640, email, or visit


1. Cerulli Associates. (2017). How Financial Advisors Use and Think About Exchange Listed Options.  

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