Account Administration

Free your organization of the overhead and time associated with the account administration process while maintaining full oversight of your accounts

Vestmark will handle the full breadth of account administration and provide you with real-time updates on all of your accounts. Efficiently administer and maintain your accounts without taking resources away from their core responsibilities.

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  •  Initial Account Suitability Assessment
  •  Account Opening
  •  Account Funding Verification
  •  Account Profile Changes
  •  Initiation of Account Cash Requests

  •  Initiation Tax Harvest Requests
  •  Account Termination
  •  Document Indexing / Archival 
  •  Fulfillment of Client Mailings (traditional mail and secure electronic delivery)

Key Benefits: 

  • Access account documentation electronically and let Vestmark handle document archival
  • Monitor all outsourced administration tasks in real-time via VestmarkONE
  • Eliminate the manual tasks you perform to administer your client accounts and focus on achieving results for your clients.