Proposal Generation

Seamlessly add investor profiles, customize portfolio construction, and quickly onboard new accounts

Accelerate Your Onboarding Process

Bring your value proposition to life with proposals that demonstrate a clear understanding of your investors’ needs. With VestmarkONE proposal generation, you can easily acquire the right investor data, analyze their risk profile, and enroll them into an investment mix appropriate for their goals. Improve your efficiency and realize revenue faster with a fully automated account opening processes and digital enrollment documentation.

Key Benefits:

  • Monitor your investors’ holdings and accounts with in-depth analytics available on a real-time basis
  • Assess investor goals and automate suitable, program or platform-specific investment recommendations
  • Optimize portfolio construction by researching all approved mutual funds, ETFs, SMAs, closed-end funds, equities, and fixed income securities
  • Improve your go-to-market strategy with interactive proposals and investment plans available via mobile channels