The Future-Proof Firm: Weathering Market Storms and a Foggy Industry Outlook

By Vestmark Inc., Thought Leadership

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The events of 2020 and the unpredictable ways the market reacted demonstrate the importance of preparing for the unexpected. By their very nature, these kinds of “black swan” events can’t be predicted. But just as challenging are slow-moving changes driven by industry trends that might be easier to spot in the abstract, but still require a deft hand, wise investment, and excellent timing to navigate.

So what can firms do to be prepared for the most likely events, while retaining the flexibility to adapt to the unexpected? How can a firm know what trends to prepare for, and what tools they will need as the business changes? How do you judge vendors who offer promises of future functionality when so many of these roadmaps turn out to be vaporware?

View our recent LinkedIn LIVE event where Heeren Pathak, CTO and Rob Klapprodt, Corporate Strategy Officer, discussed what the future may hold for broker-dealers, and how they can future-proof themselves while there is time and room to maneuver.

By Vestmark Inc., Thought Leadership